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Download Petition

Download our petition, help by collecting signatures from your neighbors. You can email us a digital copy, and we'll arrange pick up of the physical document. Physical signatures are more powerful than online petitions, HOWEVER online petitions offer a visual of support so, please sign both! 👍

Down VNY petition
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Sign Online

While physical signatures are needed and more effective in gaining elected official persuasion, a visual online petition of support helps demonstrate strength in numbers so please, take a moment to sign both.  NOTE: While we, collectively, have over 11,000 signatures to date, they are scattered on varying petitions with varying language so this petition is specific to VNY.

Contact Officials

Emailing and calling Elected Official offices has gotten us some action (Council Motions 22-1125, 22-1127 and 22-1489) but we need Mayor Bass to engage, and City Council to take responsible action to enforce the passed motions and place an immediate moratorium on VNY aviation developments until a new Specific Airport Plan is adopted.  

Protest for Action

It's actually a nice way to break up routine obligations in one's day - while making a difference to invest and protect in your and your loved one's quality of life.  The old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" is relentlessly repeated because it is true.

More Actions to Take...

Neighborhood Councils

Contact your neighborhood council (NC) and request they add a Q&A with a SoCalSFV Community Aviation consultant to the agenda to discuss issues in your community. Many have already gone on record, click the button below to see if your community's NC has taken action.  SoCalSFV serves and has signatories across the Valley floor.

Submit Air Quality Complaints

Residents surrounding Burbank and Van Nuys airports can issue air quality complaints, and repeatedly request State accountability for yearly tests in your neighborhoods.  The excessive growth and premature actions for an increase in volume of operations warrants supervision and interference from local, state and federal government.  

Submit NOISE Complaint - VNY

While SFV resident consensus views LAWA's online complaint process as nothing more than placation, some feel better shooting off a complaint now and again.  The process is cumbersome, and sadly discriminatory for those struggling to afford reliable devices and/or internet, but for those with access, patience and time, you can submit a complaint per incident.

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