Relevant Ethical Principles

  • Principle of the Common Good - Aviation and City stakeholder’s pursuit of self-interests and greed disguised as an "economic engine" or "necessity" has lead to outcomes that have proven harmful to the interests and the well-being of the masses.  LAWA and local politicians often defer to a debunked 2015 report (released in 2016) of "VNY's economical benefits" however the report itself acknowledges its own exaggerated, questionable and inflated statistics that were significantly based on assumptions and "rounding" - not tangible facts. The current Valley population and existence of vital wildlife habitats should dictate that the two landlocked airports, BUR and VNY, not be permitted to expand in a manner that facilitates an increase of capacity.  Even if the future affords aircraft a quieter and less toxic output, the "visual blight" and detriment to airborne wildlife is still of concern.  As it is, VNY's furtive expansion must be rolled back to reduce the unsustainable detriment now being suffered by the common good.

  • Principal of respect for Human Dignity - BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly fail to meet the basic needs and civil liberties of the population that the City permitted (both literally and figuratively) to emerge and occupy impacted land surrounding an airport, and that includes the obligation to promote human health and well-being.  Most communities were established in the 1950's and 1960's, which means, the homes existed before current FBOs, Prop Park and Gulfstream VNY.  Negligent land use decisions are denying residents human dignity rights. 

  • Principle of Responsible Stewardship - BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly fail to meaningfully address the substantive content and effects of VNY’s excessive operations and growth in relation to public health, including responsibility to reduce and/or deter excessive and unnecessary detriment.  In recent years, land use decisions for VNY parcel leases favored billionaires (Murdock, Gates, etc) and corporate interest over the common good and home and natural environments, as well as the mental, emotional and physical health of dwellers.  Whether by naivety or negligence,  VNY was allowed to be transformed into an international commercial monstrosity, defying its principle general aviation definition, and now proving to exceed any reasonable balance with the needs and rights of the population and our ecosystem.  No thought was put into parcel use for green space or other opportunities to off-set toxic output, nor was priority given to ensure that responsible focus remained on societal functioning aircraft that benefits the common good, as opposed to hobbyist and charter aircraft for the 1%.  Fact: VNY employs LESS than 0.005% of the Valley population, and many of the employees are not Valley resients.  The cons of VNY far outweigh the pros at this point due to irresponsible stewardship.  In contrast, Warner Center (in Woodland Hills) serves as a greater economic engine employing approximately 40,000 and with no adverse impact on Valley communities or our ecosystem. 

  • Precautionary Principal - BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly failed to exercise due diligence in caution and engaging in meaningful community review and input before considering and accepting new or renewed leases and redevelopment proposals, capacity increases, toxic storage, and amenities that impact or potentially impact community.  Land Use is supposed to be subject to obvious public notification, as well as solicited and meaningful public input and influence. 2019 saw Assembly Bill No. 1628 CHAPTER 360, "Environmental Justice" signed into law.  The public challenges any parcel leases renewed or signed after the 2019 enactment date of this assembly bill, and concerned residents formally give notice that the "common good" rejects any upcoming renewal of the CBP services lease, and three proposed expansions - IE: Bonseph Helinet and 7701 Woodley as well as a 2.5 acre development opportunity.  LAWA was exposed as producing a report to BOAC that contained blatant deceit over the ambitions of the Bonseph Helient proposal.  Three Council members put forth Motion 22-1489 in response.   

  • Principle of Equity and Proportionality - requires that priority attention be given to the most immediately at risk (children/schools and Lake Balboa area), and the vulnerable (2 million SFV residents and local wildlife).  Instead, BOAC, LAWA, and the City of L.A. pandered to corporate interests and the ultra-wealthy 1% who can’t be bothered to fly first class but instead, violate the civil liberties (right to use and enjoyment of one’s property) and civil rights (right in pursuit of happiness) of the masses and those most immediately at risk residing in Valley hillsides and across the Valley floor.  All for non-essential and privileged travel. 

  • Principle of Inclusive and Deliberative Participation - this princinple necessitates ex-ante a deliberative and participatory process marked by transparency, universal access to information, inclusiveness, and individual and community empowerment.  Even after years of public pleading and outcry, BOAC President, Beatrice Hsu, refuses to put â€śCommunity Impact” as a permanent and quarterly agenda item, including affording a community representative from an Aviation Ad-Hoc or Roundtable to present reports during such an agenda item.  And LAWA continues to defianelty alienate community as seen with the recent "Vision Study" rollout.

This crisis impacts EVERYONE.  SFV residents seeking honorable action span the spectrum of income levels and racial heritages.  

Impacted Valley communities, including but not limited to: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Chatsworth, Bell Canyon, Canoga Park, Winnetka, Reseda, Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, North Hills (East and West), Valley Glen, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, Chatsworth Seasonal Wetland and Nature Preserve, various Santa Monica Mountains parks, open spaces and trails otherwise benefitting the common good. 

Responsible Governance


  • L.A. City's double-standard:  The City of Los Angeles is discriminating against Valley residents by denying them an equal platform to the LAX Community Noise Roundtable. SFV residents have been requesting that a SFV Community Aviation Working Group Ad-Hoc be established to allow communities to address valley airport issues in the BUR/VNY airspace.  VNY CAC (citizens advisory committee) is not a substitute for this vitally needed community driven Ad-Hoc, as does it afford community access to the benefit of airport authority participation and cooperation, or the benefit of the technical advisory offered by FAA participation.  Despite having a handful of ethical members, VNY CAC is dominated by Aviation interests, and communities across the Valley cite VNY CAC is being used as a shill for airport interests.  It's time to clean up CAC and return it to the integrity in which it was born.  Bylaws must be updated and BOAC should not be permitted appointees to a Citizens Advisory Committee, as they are not an elected official body.  

  • BOAC's Denial of Community Voice - Past president, Beatrice Hsu, refused to allow the public's request to include Community Impact or airport sponser accountability on the agenda.  The unilateral action seems to defy BOAC/LAWA's own "Code of Ethics", and is seen by residents as a harmful suppression of community voice.  Residents would like to see our Mayor and/or L.A. City Council responsibly mandate that COMMUNITY IMPACT be added as a quarterly agenda item to BOAC's regular schedule, including a community representative from the (requested) SFV Aviation Ad-Hoc or Roundtable to present reports during this agenda item for public discussion.  Residents cite that LAWA's reports are often biased, or otherwise not reflective of communities in crisis.

ADDITIONALLY: Valley communities have long asserted that "Public comment" is a farce, whereas, few residents choose to participate.  It does not allow active participation, which breeds contention, and is seen as an empty gesture that otherwise robs the masses of direct and meaningful input and discussion.  Moreover, BOAC held meetings at LAX defy the Valley public's right to easy access and participation in the meetings.  The LAX Community Roundtable has option to hold in-person meetings at LAX affording the public access to comment over LAX operations, as such  BOAC meetings should be held in the Valley when VNY items are on the agenda to offer balance and an opportunity to express public concern over Valley airspace and VNY. 

  • LAWA Cooperation vs Interference - Since the city of Los Angeles is obligated to deter and reduce detriment where reasonable and feasible, including with its own airports, it behooves City Council to ensure that the airport authority facilitates positive action on behalf of the city's residents.  In 2022 LAWA miscontrued FAA policy and put themselves into a position that is both outside their skillset, and their purview.  LAWA asserted that they, under unilateral rule, would decide whether or not a community can accept FAA cooperation in respect to regional air traffic modifications that otherwise reach a consensus through a democratic process (Roundtable/Task Force).  LAWA's suggestion that an airport authority shall abandon a neutral position by lack of deference to community consensus over route modiciation assessments defies the FAA's expertise, and opens the city up to perceived biased.  An Airport Sponsor must be compelled to defer to and concur with community consensus when a democratic process has voted to move forwarded in seeking the restoration and protection of community environments when neither safety or airport operation interference is at issue.  

Route modification requests are within the purview of structured Community Roundtables, Task Forces and their appointed Ad-Hocs.  Route modification assessments are within the FAA's purview.  Lacking the fundamental knowledge to assess a procedurial modification, lacking the funds to routinely hire an experienced third party consultant, and in the interest of remaining unbiased in the process, LAWA should not adopt the responsibility of interfering in the FAA's normal assessment protocol, whereas the City should ensure that the onus of route modification assessments responsibly remains within the FAA and collective communiites' purview. 

  • Laggard Federal Government - It's time Congress corrected their errors and updated outdated legislation that does not hold the FAA bureaucracy and its policies accountable, as well as outdated law that does not protect the common wealth.  The rights and desires of a privileged few (IE: hobbyist, charter and private aircraft operations serving one or limited persons) should no longer be permitted to defy the rights, health and well-being of the masses and common good. We need critical changes to leglisation to restore balance, implement responsible restrictions and to protect this nation's assets and citizens.  Removing general aviation airports from ANCA's rule is a good place to begin.  Every G.A. airport in every city, of every state across this nation various in its needs, proximity to communities and predominate uses WHEREAS, a "one-size-fits-all" ANCA rule is doing harm across this nation.

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