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LA Times: Oct 23, 2022

The October 23, 2022 Sunday edition of the LA Times devoted the Calendar section cover and a two-page spread on the "Fallout from the Private Jet Set".  Columnist Carolina Miranda did the public justice by highlighting the unfathomable detriment in SFV from VNY airport, which now (predominately) services the over-priveleged 1% at the expense of the masses. (file 8.7MB)

Fallout from the Private Jet Set.pdf
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History: March 15, 1968

Corruption, Greed, Ignorance and Abuse of Power is nothing new in respect to the battle of VNY airport. In 1968, thirty thousand (30k!) residents fought against special interests' attempts to decimate life in the Valley with scheduled jet service at Van Nuys Airport.  What they feared then our L.A. City Council allowed to happen in the present. (File size 14.3MB)

1968 - Thirty Thousand Valley Residents fight VNY growth.pdf
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