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  • Relevant Ethical Principles
  • Irresponsible Stewardship
  • Call for Responsible Governance
  • Catering to the ultra-weathy 1%
  • Lack of transparency & honesty
  • Failure to protect the masses
  • Denying Residents a Voice


Global Warming, Climate Change and destruction of our vital natural spaces is relentlessly in the news, especially in California.  So why then isn't the Private Aviation Crisis that is disproportionately impacting vulnerable communities across the nation not being highlighted in the media more?

Luckily some responsible outlets are covering the crisis...

NC Statements

Neighborhood Councils (NC) across the Valley floor have begun to weigh in on the injustice and defiant actions of LAWA now harming the common wealth.  While NCs are struggling due to their budgets being slashed in half, sometimes impacting in-person meetings, it is clear that from the East end to the West end of the Valley (both North and South of the 101 freeway) - Communities are UNITED in the fight for JUSTICE & responsible leadership.

Video Footage

Resident videos provide a slight window into the detriment that is, to date, being ignored by our local, state and federal leaders.  Residents are calling for responsible aviation practices, caps on landlocked general aviation (GA) airports, and rational legislation that better protects our environment and the rights of communities as they exist today.  

Resident Testimonials

Lake Balboa residents are among the most vulnerable of victims of VNY.  The testimonials file is password protected to ensure privacy of contacts.  Vetted media will be provided access.  Please email us for the password.

Health Impacts

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